The Other side of the Judeo-Christian History

Throughout its history, religion has always been subjected to censorship, invariably to accommodate those who wanted to wield power...



How did the first concept of God originate?  Who ws Yahweh and who was Moses?  Where did the Ten Commandments originate from?  Who was Jesus Christ, and what do the Gospels which were left out of the New Testament say?  Who was St. Paul, and which was the first Church before the Roman Catholic one?  Who were the Gnostics?  How did the papal pontificate originate,  and what were the repercussions of the false document which was supposedly left to the Church by Emperor Constantine the Great in order to cling to power?  Was there a different scenario to how things could have unfolded?

This book, backed by the discoveries which have occurred in the last centuries, will try to tackle these questions unearthing new ones in the process.

“In this book, author Anton Sammut undertakes a challenging task in a race to uncover various aspects affecting the development of religion in relation to culture.  This task is considered delicate and for some even dangerous.  Delicate because it requires meticulous research and gathering of information; dangerous because it ventures far beyond the borders of religion which we normally restrict ourselves to because they offer security and certainty.  In this respect, this book will appeal hugely to those who are not satisfied with what they have been instructed but are interested in exploring how the information arrived to them.”

-Rev. Dr René Camilleri

“The laborious and careful exercise carried out by Mr Sammut, both on the Bible as well as on the History of the Church, is intended to assist the reader to view both of them from an angle which we are not accustomed to.  This type of mental exercise is always useful, especially when the thoroughly researched and examined subject is not easy, not necessarily understood in one way, and is more complex than the human brain can handle.”

– Rev. Prof. Peter Serracino Inglott

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