Meet the Author

At Meet the Author students are given the opportunity to meet their favourite Maltese authors. Schools can team up with BDL to create an event during school hours during which authors can meet students, hold a reading session, and even sign books purchased by students.  


During the Meet the Author sessions students can learn more about what it actually takes to write a book, starting from the brainstorming phase, leading to the final stages and publishing.  These events are highly beneficial to students, who are encouraged to develop their creative and imaginative skills while getting a first-hand account from authors who have honed these skills and developed them into books. 

Meet the Author sessions also promote further curiosity among students regarding the enticing world of books, which take on a new life in the hands and words of the authors who wrote them. This helps create further interest in books and reading, while also advocating literacy among students. 

Meet the Author sessions can be booked by contacting BDL’s schools’ representative Dorianne Chetcuti via email, on, or on 99380351/21380351.