Signing digital documents

This document attempts to visually help through the process of signing a digital document.

Signers are notified via email and instructed to open the agreement by clicking the Review and sign button.

For more information and to read more about digital signatures you can visit the following link.

Once the document is open, the signer can read the document and fill in any fields that are needed. All required fields need to be completed before the signer can advance the signature process.
Mousing over the digital signature field prompts a text balloon with additional instructions.

If required, fill in any fields which require your input. Once ready, click Next to go to the next field.

Click on the Initials field. A new window will pop up.

  1. Make sure Type is selected.
  2. Type in your initials.

Click Apply to enter your initials.
Click Next to go to the next field. Repeat the process for all the initials fields on each page.

On the last page fill in the ID Card number if required.
Click on the signature field and create your signature as you did with your initials.
Once finished, you can click the Click to Sign button to submit the document.
Once we sign the document, you will receive a signed copy of the agreement by email for your records.

Once all fields are full click on the Click to Sign button. The form will be automatically forwarded by email.

You are all set.