Small Effort, Better Maltese!

Malti Aħjar bi Sforzi Żgħar! Ktieb tat-Taħriġ

Charles Daniel Saliba, BDL 2012, pp. 88
ISBN: 978-99957-733377
Price: €7.75

Charles Daniel Saliba has also launched his latest book on the Maltese language. This one, featuring the latest developments in Maltese orthography, is aimed at self-learners who want to bring their knowledge up to date and to improve their grammar and spelling. It is the companion workbook for the pocketsize Malti Aħjar bi Sforzi Żgħar! (Small Effort, Better Maltese!), whose reprint is released at the same time. Multi-topic worksheets and exercises help learners improve proficiency by brushing up their Maltese grammar while learning the new spelling rules. The author is a Maltese language teacher who has taught all MATSEC levels, so he knows where students find difficulties and has designed practical exercises to help them: specific and general exercises on different aspects of the Maltese language; exercises on Deċiżjonijiet 1, the new orthographic regulations published by the National Council for the Maltese Language; three Maltese language proficiency exams; creative revision exercises and games like crosswords and snakes and ladders; and advice on writing and examples of essays, formal and informal letters, emails, circulars and memos. All the answers are in the back of the book.This book is now available in bookshops.