An Overview of the Dragonflies and Damselflies of the Maltese Islands

Godwin Degabriele
BDL Books - DragonfliesUntil recently, Maltese Dragonflies (Odonata) had not been studied extensively, and therefore not much was known about their biology. This work, which is based on research that spans over a period of twenty years, offers an insight to the ecology and diversity of the seventeen species of dragonflies occurring on the Maltese Islands.
BDL Books - DragonfliesIt contains updated species descriptions, including some new records and, by means of numerous colour photographs, original drawings and never before published distribution maps for each species, gives information that can prove useful for identifying adult and larval stages of the dragonflies of the Maltese Islands.
It also discusses the effect of human intervention and current world phenomena such as global warming on the status of the dragonfly species which are found on the Maltese Islands, as well on other species that are likely to be found on the Islands in the near future.
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BDL Books - Dragonflies