75 Lehma 75 Fehma

Gozitan, Charles Daniel Saliba, has recently launched a new book named 75 Lehma 75 Fehma. This poem anthology is intended to help students appreciate Maltese literature while passing examinations with flying colours. The book is an important tool for students currently in Junior Lyceums or Secondary schools because it covers nearly all the poems enlisted in the Education division syllabi and private and church schools syllabi. It includes a short note on every poet in this anthology, a selection of poems of these poets, accompanied by explanatory notes and exercises at different levels on each poem.

Apart from all this, there is a detailed explained list of the figures of literary discourse accompanied by exercises, a detailed explanation of examination questions, including SEC questions, good studying skills, and two cultural activities for Maltese and Gozitan students, as well as a detailed explanation of the most common grammatical errors. As expected this book follows the latest developments in Maltese orthography.

The poets included in this anthology are:

Ġan Anton Vassallo (1817–1868); Annibale Preca (1832–1901); Dwardu Cachia (1858–1907); Dun Karm Psaila (1871–1961); Anastasju Cuschieri (1876–1962); Ninu Cremona (1880–1972); Guzè Delia (1900–1980); Mary Meilak (1905–1975); Rużar Briffa (1906–1963); Ġorġ Zammit (1908–1990); Ġorġ Pisani (1909–1999); Anton Buttigieg (1912–1983); Karmenu Vassallo (1913–1987); Dun Frans Camilleri (1919–1990); Parti Marjanu Vella (1927–1988); J.J. Camilleri (1928–); John Sciberras (1932–2004); Victor Fenech (1935–); Daniel Massa (1936–); Achille Mizzi (1939–); Carmel Attard (1943–1994); Joe W. Psaila (1943–); Mario Azzopardi (1944–); Dun George Mercieca (1944–); Philip Sciberras (1945–); Ġorġ Borg (1946–); Joe Friggieri (1946–); Oliver Friggieri (1947–); Carmel Calleja (1948–); Raymond Mahoney (1949–); Charles Bezzina (1961–); Adrian Grima (1968–); Louis Briffa (1971–); Donovan Gatt (1986–); Vanessa Attard (1989–).