The dragonfly that lost its wings


altOnce upon a time, in a fresh water pond in the Blue Mountains, lived a handsome blue dragonfly with shimmering delicate silver wings. The dragonfly loved nothing more than flying and hovering round the pond.

One fine day as he was flying a bee stinger touched his wings, and tore them! As he flew down, his wings fell off. The poor dragonfly was shocked and felt lost without his wings. What could he do?

A friendly bumble bee that happened to be buzzing happily about saw the incident. He flew next to the poor dragonfly. ” We must do something. ” buzzed the bumble bee. ” But what ? ” asked Ulysses, the Blue Mountain butterfly, flapping his romantic powdery blue black trimmed wings.  ” But what ?” Asked the worried bumble bee.  “Let us ask the powerful Wise Owl. ” advised the quiet red rose lady bird.  ” What about Dragonfly ? ” asked the worried bumble bee. “We cannot leave him alone, there are far too many predators in the forest. He cannot fly.” Said the clever lady bird.  “I ll stay with him and protect him.” Said the brave Ulysses.  “Come on let us go in search of the Powerful Wise Owl, we are wasting far too much precious time.” Observed the lady bird.

The powerful wise old owl was always perched in the top branches of the sparkling blue green eucalyptus tree, with the koalas. So the two mini beasts, lady bird and bumble bee went in search of the owl. They spotted him on the eucalyptus tree. They told the owl of the poor dragonfly ‘s accident. The wise owl listened very carefully. He suggested that they use fish scales to repair the wings. There were no fish left though in the river as the enormous crocodile had eaten them all. Owl had to think of another solution. He thought and thought. After a while he opened his sharp beak…. “Make a wish on a wishing tree leaf” he whispered.

The worried bumble bee and the puzzled lady bird wondered  where the wishing tree could be found , and if it really existed. They had heard about it , but they believed it was just a myth.

The owl opened his beak once again.” You shall find the wishing tree in the heart of the forest , next to the tallest bamboo trees. It is guarded by two smart monkeys wearing camouflaged uniforms.”

The bumble bee and lady bird were lost, as they did not have a clue where the bamboo trees where. The powerful wise owl who also happened to be very kind decided to help them. He offered to fly them on his beautiful sleek back.  It was a thrilling ride for our two little friends, who up till now had never really left the blueberry patch in the forest.

All of a sudden, lady bird spotted the tall bamboo trees. Next to the bamboo trees were a pair of red howler monkeys in camouflaged uniforms and blue polished shiny boots.

Behind the monkey guards stood a transparent glasshouse with its door panes covered in glow worms. It was truly a magnificent sight.

The owl asked the monkeys to let them in. He told them the whole story of the poor dragonfly. One of The howler monkeys who was wearing a pair of camouflaged glasses asked them for the magic password. The wise old owl knew it and whispered ” Cauliflower bower power!” The glass wearing monkey took them inside the glasshouse.

Inside was a truly magnificent sight! The magical wishing tree. It had silver trunk and branches, laden with golden lavender scented leaves. The bottom of its trunk was covered in glow worms humming Christmas carols accompanied by a centipede on the piano!

As they stood there a gentle breeze blew a golden leaf that fell onto ladybird’s red spotted back. She quickly opened her wings to trap the leaf and carry it safely to the dragonfly. The three friends knew it was time to head home. So they thanked the howler monkeys for their help. They knew they will remember this special place forever! The two joyful minibeasts hopped on owl’s fluffy back and they flew back to the pond. As they arrived they found dragonfly with Ulysses the mountain butterfly.

Ladybird unfolded her wings and the beautiful scented wishing tree leaf flew onto dragonfly ‘s pure blue bare back. He made a wish as the owl told him. Right away a new set of silver tessellated lavender smelling wings formed on his back! They were strong and healthy for him to keep forever! That is the story of how the dragonfly became known as one of the fastest flying insects on Earth.