Memories of Recurrent Echoes


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Beyond Man’s knowing truth lies another truth unconquered…

Memories of Recurrent Echoes is a highly moving story based in Bavaria, Germany, (spreading to Europe) between 1890 and 1990: a hundred years of love, tragedy, madness, vengeance and all the irreconcilable contradictions of existence which mark out Man’s human nature.

It is a very gripping novel with self-affirmed characters who are ready to defy some man-made laws, the arrogance of power and sheer dogmatism: a brilliant critique of conventional morality.

It is a physical and spiritual Odyssey, a metaphysical battle between will-power and self-doubt, an exploration of God, human freedom and what is truth.

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ISBN 978-99932-0-773-3
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Note translated from Maltese by Alfred Palma

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