The New Temple Dreamers

Stories & Myths from Malta after Atlantis


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The New Temple Dreamers novel is the third and final part of the trilogy I have written about the prehistoric temples of Malta and Gozo. (Islands of Dream and The Age of Magic and Wisdom)

The Indigos, Crystals, Rainbow and Diamond Children are The New Temple Dreamers and the story of the period after Atlantis comes alive through their inquisitive eyes. These ‘new children’ are the enlightened citizens of tomorrow with a great affinity with nature and a cosmic awareness of the inter-connectedness of all things.

Come with us as Ranfis brings the children into a fanciful world of magic and folktales that are in truth very real. The story he weaves bring us into the time during the end of the temple building period on Malta and leads us through the post-Atlantis era, when new settlers and new civilisations arrived on these newly formed islands. We listen to the stories and myths from Malta after Atlantis.
Ranfis describes to the children how these post-Atlantis people settled on these islands of Malta, Gozo and Comino and used the old temples as their own way of seeing the new world. He also narrates the various festivals and celebrations that these new people held during the year and their many rituals and ceremonies.
Although the novel is dedicated to the ‘new children, nonetheless, all of us, who are ‘young in heart,’ are also the Future Temple Dreamers. It appeals to the ‘child within.’
It’s time that we remember who ‘we truly are’ – Spiritual Beings of Light in garments of human flesh. We all chose to incarnate at this point in humanity’s evolution so that we could assist in the process of awakening. We are witnessing a period of tremendous growth and the birth of the greatest period of abundance, beauty, love, truth, justice and peace ever known on Earth.

Francis Xavier Aloisio was born on the island of Malta but spent more than half of his life abroad, first in Peru as a missionary priest and then in England where he settled after resigning from the Church. He worked as a Probation Officer, as Social Worker and as the CEO of a Charity in Sussex, UK caring for people with learning disabilities.

Whilst abroad, he realised that not many people knew about the temples of Malta. On his return home, he had a strong urge to find a way to promote the unique wealth of the Maltese prehistoric culture. Firstly he created a collection of paintings depicting Malta’s journey throughout history; and then he started doing his own research on the Temples. He completed a trilogy on the temples of Malta: Islands of Dream, The Age of Magic and Wisdom and now The New Temple Dreamers. He has also published An Alternative Handbook to the Maltese Temples – a Cosmic Perspective and a self-guidebook to visitors to the magical sites on Malta.

Francis started painting late in his life as a way of self-expression. He draws his inspiration from his Maltese background and his experience in South America and England. He is a visionary artist, author, teacher and subtle energy guide and temple escort. Francis accompanies people who come to Malta and Gozo to experience the many energy sites and their link with Atlantis.

His wife, Christine Auriela, accompanies people who are ready to connect with the Lemuria Energies found along the Central Coast of California and especially around Cambria.


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