Islands of Dream

The temples of Malta - Hidden mysteries revealed


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Islands of Dream delves into the magic and secrets of the Maltese Prehistoric Temples. These mysterious structures sat there in isolated silence for many centuries. Finally the secrets of these incredible prehistoric sites of Malta and Gozo are uncovered.

  • Who actually built these majestic structures?
  • Why have many sites on these islands?

What was their real purpose?

This novelogue recounts the meeting of a local couple with a foreigner in a series of fictitious dialogues and exchange of views about the prehistoric sites. Many of the ideas discussed questioncurrent theories about the Temples.Some of these will be the subject of disbelief, arguments and disagreement by many, but they will resonate with many others. This may be the first book that looks at these sites from a holistic perspective.

The book is intended to challenge conventional outlook and fixed theories about the Temples. Fortunately, today many people are asking for the truth to be known, ready to rediscover old beliefs, explore new territories, accept new thoughts and welcome new realities. These unique temples, with their encoded secrets, might have the key to humanity’s ancient past.

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