The Islands of Dream Speak

Researching and Experiencing the Prehistoric Temples of Malta


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The Islands of Dream Speak must be the first book to have all the different schools of thought and disciplines coming together under one roof. It is a great orchestration and a unique collection of research, publications, opinions and articles; testimonials of historians, professionals, researchers, writers, reporters, spiritual people and channels, and personal accounts, memories and experiences of ordinary and not so ordinary people about the prehistoric temples of Malta and Gozo.

The ‘compilation’ of words and experiences found in this book is the witness of something that is beyond ordinary science, as it is the science of the soul. I feel that experiencing the temples from all these various aspects will open our understanding to the mystery of the temples so we can tap into the real wisdom of the temples.

It is a fascinating ‘jigsaw puzzle’ about the prehistoric temples. Reading all the diverse views and theories, and the varied testimonials and insights of those who came to experience the sites, give us a different perspective to these mysterious temples and will open our understanding to the mystery and the real purpose of the temples so we can tap into their silent Wisdom.

It is an interesting, mysterious, intriguing and insightful written journey into the mysterious of these temples on these islands – the temples of the Stars and the Sun.

Now, it is up to the reader to hear them telling their own story! I ‘let the stones speak’ as Sir Temi Zammit, Malta’s leading archaeologists, suggested and The Islands of Dream Spoke for themselves.

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