The Age of Magic and Wisdom

Humankind's Evolutionary Journey and the Maltese Temples


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Humanity had forgotten its own past but now is awakening from the deep slumber of the ages.  It is finally becoming more receptive and accepting of its roots, hungry to learn the amazing story of its origins and development, and eager to move forward into a new reality.  This novel helps us understand the long evolutionary journey of humankind on Earth.  It is the second in a trilogy.

We re-encounter the characters of the first novel, Islands of Dream:  Ranfis, Manwel, Rosaria, and young Franco.  They discuss the epic of creation, the Council of Gods, Lemurian and Atlantean civilisations, the special mission of Atlantis, the internal conflicts that led to the demise of Atlantis, Thoth – the Master of the Egyptians – the building of the pyramids, and the important role of Malta and its temples.

This second novel brings to light the forgotten history of mankind.  It reveals new insights about the Maltese sacred sites and their important role at the threshold of the New Golden Era.

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