An Alternative Handbook to the Maltese Temples

A Cosmic Perspective & Guide


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For the first time we have an ‘alternative handbook’ that gives us a metaphysical and alternative view of the mysterious Prehistoric Temples of Malta.

Humanity has now reached the stage where it is open, eager and hungry enough for the ‘truth’. We are now ready to discard the traditional academic views and see the temples as vibrational energy centres. These structures are a glorious legacy left by our ancestors for us to discover their real meaning and true power.

I hope that this metaphysical guide will both intrigue you and entice you to visit the sites with a more ‘open view’ about these mysterious prehistoric sites.

Malta is unique with all its above ground, subterranean and underwater temples. Malta, in a way, is a ‘living museum’. Visiting these sites one gets the sensation that something truly important has happened here. And it did!


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