Resilience in a Troubled World

Proceedings of the Malta International Theological Conference III



Proceedings of the Malta International Theological Conference III

Resilience goes beyond mere resistance or endurance; it acts as a driving force for change by utilizing discernment and transformation. It encompasses a wide range of meanings in various fields, including biology, engineering, business, and sports.

However, it is precisely this multi-dimensional quality that highlights the importance of a word that can be a valuable asset for society, the Church, and theology as a whole. This volume features the proceedings of a conference that sought to examine the term “resilience” while proposing a fresh interpretation in reference to three towering theological figures: Romano Guardini (1885–1968), Karl Barth (1886–1968), and Thomas Merton (1915–1968) on the fiftieth anniversary of their passing.

The conference endeavoured to examine the importance of integrating resilience into theological discourse and reasoning. The presence of resilience is crucial for individuals from different backgrounds to confront their fears and overcome challenges, ultimately finding meaning in their lives. It is an essential component for both everyday existence and spiritual well-being. Ultimately, resilience is not just an abstract concept; rather, it is a tangible expression of Christian faith that involves reconciling with oneself and surpassing limitations to embrace growth.

The purpose of these proceedings is to offer a glimmer of hope to our challenging world, illustrating that each person can live in the present moment, constantly surprised and grateful.

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