Antoine Camilleri: A World Within



Antoine Camilleri’ s works are the product of their times as much as they rise above, or are plainly disregarding of, temporality.

His are images that effortlessly embrace several dialectics, at times diametrically opposed. Such dialectics range from introverted musings about Camilleri’ s country of origin to a flailing search into the geographical and the religious beyond; they go from the deeply personal to the universal and they span the distance between the spiritual and the sensual.

Filtered through Camilleri’ s uniquely personal Sacred Gaze, these are works that implicitly mirror a life in transition and incessantly search for the authentic core of a country in the process of change.

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Weight 2900 g
Dimensions 33.7 × 24.6 cm
Language English
Year of publication
Pages 368
ISBN 9789918231171

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