Higher Education Teachers’ Experiences of Networked Technologies for Teaching

Education Research Monograph Series


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Without advocating for determinism in the process leading to the creative use of technology for maximising interaction, Cutajar’s reporting that technology use within the institution under review is mainly limited to efficient transfer of information is expected. While illustrating the state of play within the institution, Cutajar indicates that there are academics who are going against the pedagogical-grain. The institution should be aware of these pockets of pedagogical transformation and, as indicated by the author, be foregrounded during the formal as well as the non-formal pedagogical formation of academics.

Prof. Carmel Borg
University of Malta

This fascinating book explores the different ways in which academics at the University of Malta experience how they can use networked technologies in their teaching. It provides a rich insight into the differences in the ways in which academics understand the potential and opportunities offered by networked technologies. Understanding these differences is crucial if effective support is to be offered to academics to help them develop their digital teaching practices.

Prof. Paul Ashwin
Lancaster University, UK

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