Graduate Employability Skills in Malta



The book is a first of its kind which examines how institutional actors interpret, influence and respond to skills availability in the labour market for graduates. It researches and draws lessons from the Maltese experience of managing graduate employability over three decades. The focus is on the three fastest growing economic sectors, namely, Accountancy, Pharmachem, Information and Communications Technology, each of which is subject to a comprehensive critical analysis.

The study investigates the interaction of governments, firms, higher education institutions and professional associations in identifying skills shortages and gaps, as well as in devising policy frameworks and skills regimes at national, sectoral and corporate levels. It reveals the absence of permanent systemic connections between the formulation of national and sectoral economic strategies on the one hand, and higher education and training policies on the other. Consequently, state higher education institutions have been responding in the main, reactively to labour market needs. This could explain the endemic skills gaps which the research has found. The study recommends policy initiatives and further research that could contribute to the science and practice of public policy in this field.

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