Communication and Power in the Colleges

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Re-viewing the networks and vectors of communication and power in the first years of Malta’s State Colleges Reform

Spiteri’s well written and researched monograph provides an excellent example of policy analysis that takes into account the complexities of educational olicy. Spiteri’s work is very telling and significant because it shows that the narrative created by the policy of networking primary and secondary state schools into Colleges was not complete since it did not account for the informal and subversive manner in which administrative autonomy was enacted by schools prior to the setting up of the Colleges. Given the manner in which Spiteri tackled the issue and the critical analysis he provided, I am convinced that this work will contribute significantly to educational policy work in Malta.

John P. Portelli

Professor, Department of Social Justice Education

Co-Director Centre for Leadership and Diversity

OISE, University of Toronto

This is a fascinating study and a most useful addition to the Series. In a very readable and accessible way Spiteri provides us with an important study of how a major educational reform in Malta was actually played out in schools and colleges. As with many educational policies the differences between rhetoric and reality are often stark; the research reported here into networks provides many useful insights into the nature of that disjuncture.

Peter Earley

Professor of Educational Leadership and Management

London Centre for Leadership in Learning

UCL Institute of Education, University College London

Much is written today about international policy trends:  the creep of policy ideas across national borders, the influence of the findings of organisations such as the OECD. This highly informative and well-written monograph on the evolution of educational reforms in Malta provides a vivid illustration of the other side of the coin:  how policies and practices are shaped by culture (and beliefs); national history (the days of Empire); and geography (the Island world). In unpacking these issues, Spiteri throws a spotlight on the complexities of policy enactment in ways that are helpful to policy-makers in many other contexts.

Kathryn Riley

Professor of Urban Education

London Centre for Leadership in Learning

UCL Institute of Education, University College London

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