The Great Exodus (1918-1939)

Man and Means


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“Man and Means” Series is aimed at every serious library. It is intended to bridge the gaps between generations with a vast collection of titles expounding the history of Man and the various Means of improvement at his disposal throughout the ages.

Reaching far back into the beginnings of Man’s movements, Man’s inventions and Man’s aspirations, and sweeping forward to the Twentieth Century, this series breathes life into the characters and events of all ages.

This unique chronicle of Man and Means will include a vast collection of photographs, most of them being published for the first time. It offers the only way to put your records right: neatly stacked in your library.

2. The Great Exodus

“The Great Exodus”, (1918-1939), is the second book written by Fr. Lawrence E. Attard about the history of Maltese Emigration. His first work published in this series in 1983 was entitled “Early Maltese Emigration”, (1900-1914). The Great Exodus deals with the movement of men and women from the Maltese Islands to various continents, pushed as they were by the spectre of unemployment and political instability brought about by the First World War. It is an original work, based on personal research and correspondence, and enriched by a number of illustrations which throw light in a period of Maltese history which goes to explain the later constitutional development of Malta. The author has been involved with Maltese Emigration and Emigrants for over twenty years and his study of the subject shows his personal involvement in this fascinating and ardous task.

Fr. Attard is not only capable of writing interesting history but he also has a style that never tires the reader. In this book he goes a step further in covering the history of Maltese Emigration during this century.

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