Profiles in Maltese Migration – A series of nineteen biographies


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This book consists of nineteen biographies of people connected, one way of another, with the history of Maltese migration within the period from 1792 to 2000. Every biography not only gives information on its own subject but inevitably throws light on the social and economic situation prevalent in Malta at the time. The choice is varied and compelling. The subjects chosen provide a spectrum of situations in those places which have attracted settlers from Malta from the early times to the present day. The reader will be introduced to doctors, lawyers, civil servants, soldiers, politicians, philanthropists, teachers, workers, priests, a philosophical poet, a housewife, a bishop and a magician. Twelve introductory quotations range from 1910 to 1954.  These have been marked by the author in order to give an insight on how some observers, some of them walked the corridors of power, felt about the subject of mass emigration. The sources show that this is a work that is well researched and documented, besides being the fruit of more than twenty years of experience in writing about the history of Maltese migration. The book carries an index which provides the reader with 1,017 entries.

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