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fears, tears and cheers


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“Maltese Settlement in Autralia: fears, tears and cheers” is a history of the hopes, vicissitudes and happy experiences of the Maltese in Australia. It records various aspects of Maltese settlement in Victoria and Australia quoting substantially from official documents and other reliable sources on topics such as fighting shoulder to shoulder with the ANZACS; the irth and development of some Maltese organisations in Victoria and elsewhere, Maltese diplomats who served in Australia, lists of individuals who have been honoured for their contribution towards Maltese-Austalian culture in modern Victoria, the little-known story of the 200 Maltese ‘boat people’ who were given a dictation test in Dutch and declared prohibited immigrants in 1915, the Maltese involvement with the ‘multicultural’ electronic media, chil migration from Malta, lasting monuments erected by the Maltese community, and others. It highlights Maltese-Australian representation in Australian parliaments.

The project is intended to inform present and future generations, Maltese and otherwise, about the rich history of the Maltese-Australian community’s contribution to the development of this vast continent. The story of Maltese settlement in Australia is part of the history of Australia.

The book is a sequel to ‘Maltese Settlement in Australia: building a community’ which focused on how various Maltese associations were established and how these formed umbrella organisations and Maltese Community Councils.

Hopefully the younger elements in the community will find inspiration in the leadership qualities displayed in the past and will follow in the footsteps and avoid the mistakes of their fore-runners.

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