Why do Smart People make Stupid Mistakes?

An Encounter between Psychology, Evolution and Decision Making


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Jacob Burak’s perceptive, lucid, witty, best-selling meditation on the place of money in society, the challenges of decision making, the role of humility in success, and our limitations vis-à-vis our large appetites for success, money and happiness. Using anecdotes, stories, research and interviews, this seriously entertaining guide to the true good life should be read by everyone interested in finding answers to questions such as:

  • Why we overwork ourselves so that we can retire in comfort, without realizing that it is easier to get rich than it is to retire?
  • How much control do we have over our own happiness?
  • Who has a greater chance of being a successful entrepreneur?
  • Are women better investors than men?
  • How important is birth order in determining entrepreneurial success, and why don’t first-born children like to take risks?
  • What is the connection between the length of a woman’s skirt and fluctuations in the stock market?

Jacob Burak is a businessman who became an author and social activist. In 1987 he established an investment company – Evergreen – a pioneer in Israeli Venture Capital. In 2005 he retired from the business world. Since then he has published five books, all of which have become bestsellers. Jacob is a Maltese and an Israeli citizen and has published several articles on The Times of Malta. ‘Why Do Smart People Make Stupid Mistakes?’ is the second book he is publishing in Malta. His first book was published in 2017 under the title ‘One Day When I am Younger’.

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