Analysing intra- and inter-school working in State-maintained Colleges in the Maltese Islands

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As Mario Cutajar himself points out, “… there is much we do not know about collaboration, leadership and management, governance and governing and accountability relationships in the newly formed context in the Maltese Islands”. His monograph, however, contributes useful knowledge about how these elements are interacting as the Maltese Kullegg system moves from its initial phase into more developed maturity. Moreover, the longitudinal perspective provides valuable information about how that maturity has been helped, or hindered, by contextual and human factors. This enables it to speak usefully to both policy markers and leadership practitioners in schools, and also to provide a valuable resource for future researchers.

J.A. Harvey

Centre for Education Studies

University of Warwick, UK

This monograph is an account of a major piece of research, which Dr Mario Cutajar has undertaken extremely thoroughly and with immense commitment. Both the major research and the monograph make a very significant contribution to understandings of the Maltese education system, its history and how it could and indeed should develop in the future. Very importantly, it is clear that Dr Mario Cutajar undertook this study, because of his passionate commitment to his nation’s education system and the education of its future citizens.

Chris James

Professor of Educational Leadership and Management

Department of Education

University of Bath, UK

Mario Cutajar provides a comprehensive analysis of the inception and development of the College system. He explains how this educational project was instituted by policy makers and how it generated challenges at all levels of the scholastic system. The central component of Cutajar’s work describes how these challenges were perceived by educationalists and what responses were generated. Themes emerging from this study include the need for good leadership skills and the oft-mentioned issue of distributed leadership accompanied by collaborative practices to ensure genuine synergy and interaction. The dynamics within and between colleges in the wider system are also dissected under Cutajar’s keen scalpel. What emerges is an analysis of a project that in the making and one that like all others of its magnitude will take its time to reach maturity. Cutajar’s study makes essential reading for those working at all levels of the College network.

Victor Martinelli

Head of Department

Education Studies

Faculty of Education

University of Malta

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