Implications of ICT-enhanced Learning and Teaching in a University


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Information Communication Technology (ICT) is frequently posited as being beneficial for teaching and learning. It is a fact that ICT has become pervasive for daily teaching and administrative duties in a university. Any organisation is affected by its organisational structure and governance; in turn all influenced by ICT. Technology is constantly evolving and results in  a continuous learning curve for universities. This books is part based on the findings of a qualitative case study research conducted at the University of Malta that looked at the implications of implementing a Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) in a Higher Education Institution(HEI). Further information was obtained while reading up for a PhD in ICT and higher education. With the advent of interactive web-based social media VLEs are being replaced by open social VLEs (SVLEs) where students share eresources and hence information through electronic communication (ecommunication). How much a course is ICT-enhanced depends in large part on whether a course is online or not, how much academics use ICT for teaching purposes and the students themselves for learning in traditional courses.

The use of ICT across HEIs across the globe has resulted in globalisation of teaching practice, a finding of my research. My use of integrative-elearning/PBL was due to various reasons, my personal teaching ideology, the difficulty of trying to force feed a vast amount of knowledge, groups of students rendered restless by receiving information which in turn made me lose patience, and the couple of large groups where I did not implement PBL. Anyone interested about technology-enhanced teaching and learning and anyone considering teaching or learning in a HEI would benefit from reading this book.

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