Dinner in Malta

In a series of Vignettes: 1530 - 1930


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A journey into the food of Malta and its culinary traditions of cooking and eating with the over 70 historical recipes.

This book, presented as a series of vignettes, focuses on the meals enjoyed by the small, upper echelon of Maltese society (1530-1930) and the food served at these meals.

Of course, these comfortably off people had the means to indulge in the finest of foods and wines of the time, and as Frans Ciappara puts it, “What further distinguished them from the lower classes was the leisure that they could enjoy. They invited each other to supper, while one of their favourite activities was the sentuta, when they assembled in one of their houses for a game of cards, sipping chocolate with some water.”

They dined with the ruling elite, shared their boxes at the theatre, went hunting with them and so on.

There they experienced different, novel food and dining traditions which they eagerly adopted in the same way as any new trend is embraced and made fashionable – whether it endures or not is a different matter.

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