Anton B. Dougall

BDL Books - Anton B. DougallAnton B. Dougall (born March 8, 1952) is a Maltese chef, writer, television personality. He also appears regularly as a guest on various TV programmes and radio shows. Dougall is the founder of the catering business Astoria Catering.

Personal life

Anton B. Dougall was born in Cospicua, Malta. The fourth child of George and Julia Dougall. Dougall attended the MCAST college in Malta, Westminster College in the UK and graduated from the Catering College, Leeds Polytechnic in the UK. He is married to Mariella Azzopardi. The couple have four children:  Rudi, Felicity, Pearl and Nigel.


Anton B. Dougall, a self-proclaimed lover of food, started working as a Chef at the Villa Rosa Hotel in Malta in 1971 when he was just 19 years old. Determined and ambitious, he had his first television series on cooking and published his first cookery book the very same year called Tisjir Professjonali. [1] The first of its kind, Tisjir Professjonali was an immediate success. In 1976 Anton opened the first and, to this date, the only cookery club in Malta – Klabb tat-Tisjir. An immediate success, it is still hugely popular today This was a huge success from the start and it is still popular till today, reaching its 40th year. The accompanying website reaches 12000 members, in counting. Ten years later, Dougall had his business in publishing and contract catering, was the owner of restaurants and a Hotelier. Dougall became famous by producing and hosting a series of 120, 45 minute cookery television episodes on the National Maltese station, the first ever televised cookery course in Malta. [2]

Throughout his career, Anton B. Dougall was responsible for promoting Maltese food in various parts of Europe, including London, Paris and Italy and also North Africa.

Now he has a guest spot on 2 different local TV stations and and verious Radio talk shows including a guest spot on RTK every Friday, something he has been doing the past 15 years. Dougall was the Chef Patron for state banquets during the Presidency of HE Dr Anton Buttigieg and HE Agatha Barbara. Anton is member of the Hotel and Catering Institute, the Royal Society of Health, Contract Caterers Association, Association Culinary Frances and Couchi Italiani.


To date, Dougall has published over 40 cookery books in Maltese, English and also in German, plus a set of 350 cookery cards which sold over 25,000 copies. Tisjir bil-Għaqal, a set of four cookery books with an accompanying TV series, sold 80,000 copies, followed by A Taste of Malta, a book about Maltese food which sold 30,000 copies.

Anton now is working on a set of 50 cookery cards about Maltese food in English, and another set about cakes. He is also working on a major book called Taste of Malta, a collection by his grandmother Georgina Dougall.