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One of Malta’s bestselling books now has even more to fascinate and frighten you…

Don’t expect to find predictable stories about rattling chains and headless knights, about dark, stormy nights and misty cemeteries, embellished over the years until no one remembers how and when they started…

These first-hand accounts are extraordinary because they are so unexpected, so far removed from the eerie ghosts of legend. There are stories about floating phantoms in white but there are also stories about ones mistaken for living beings, ones that inhabit the dark but others seen regularly in broad daylight.

There are stories of benevolent spirits who have saved peoples’ lives, apparitions of people who are still alive, malicious poltergeists haunting houses which are lived in to this very day and demons that have driven terrified families out of their homes.

Since the first edition was published in 2001, the author has chronicled a number of new stories and has also added spine-tingling postscripts to the original ones, recounting similar eperiences that happened to other people.

The result is a collection of over 60 fascinating true stories, based in Malta and overseas.

Believe them if you dare!

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