The Ghosts of Malta

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On a dark stormy night a sudden cracking flash of lightning threw the road in bright light. Flittering along there was a procession of hooded figures wearing the white habit of the archiconfraternity of the Misericordia.

It isn’t anything one might care to meet on any night. But then this was only one of the many cases of denizens of the occult that make a story which has been replayed throughout the ages of Malta’s history, right to our time.

Joseph Attard, one of Malta’s most accomplished writers has with his well known painstaking ability for research assembled an impressive chronicle. It is more of a fantastic narrative of the Maltese occult interwoven with the island’s glorious history. Complete with theories and arguments, and also bolstered by personal experiences. It is a strange and eerie story, bound to quicken the most intrepid of hearts; combining the legendary with the authentic. But nonetheless forming a coherent whole to explain at last the spectral population of the Ghosts of Malta. Joseph Attard is also the author of Fatati u Iħirsa ta’ Malta.

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