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‘The Maltese’ is a brief work by Aldo Azzopardi about Maltese history seen from the eyes of Xmun, a local inhabitant through the ages.

Azzopardi is a prolific writer mostly on the subject of local prehistory and all things Maltese.

He has been interviewed many times by both local and foreign media.

This book is an attempt to show how the ordinary man in the street has evolved through the ages and the impact that history has had on his character.

The Maltese islands are lacking in most natural resources – even soil and water are scarce in Malta, so the inhabitants of the islands had to exercise their minds in order to survive in these conditions under the various rulers.

The attraction that these islands had for world powers, mostly Mediterranean powers, is Malta’s central position, as well as having a number of deep water natural harbours.

As a result of being dominated by several masters in succession, the Maltese people have developed a system of ‘Sleeping with the enemy’ without losing their identity and requiring an ability to adopting foreign customs with ease in the process.

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