The Malta Letters

the history of Malta in 10 letters


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This book tells the history of Malta through inscriptions, notes and letters in private collections. Most of the materials featured in this book are being published for the very first time. This anecdotal virtual tour through the history of Malta recounts the history of the island through a series of writings penned in the context of major historical developments. Each letter described in the book has a story which was waiting to be told and this book begins to tell this story.

From mysterious Punic inscriptions to descriptions of heroic feats to the day-to-day stories of people who were destined to survive the cruel hardships of Maltese history, this book is a description of the history of Malta written by the very same people who lived it.

Letters published in this book contain fresh insights into Maltese history. It contains first-hand accounts of those who survived major events, juxtaposing their narratives with those of their adversaries. This book published the only known copy of the ‘Maltese’ poem Gratulatorii Plausus and letters written by Grandmasters and Prime Ministers but does not only deal with the lives of the great and powerful; it publishes correspondence exchanged by ordinary people living in extraordinary circumstances. This book tells the story of those who saw Maltese history in the making.

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