The Iscariot Field


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At the village of Znuber old memories cannot die.

Bertrand Kasbah, Bunny and Hardhead rush to put up a late edition of their popular TV programme Quis Quam about Znuber.

Professors Dillinger and Wali Ahmed investigate how in ancient times, the Phoenicians chose Znuber as a base from which to launch their Mediterranean conquests in the west.

The poultry industry makes huge advances in productivity and Brussels worries.

Treacherous and ruthless, the pirate from Thebes Potu-Ra  still finds it easy to kill and be killed.

Sex, terrorism, corruption, vampires, obesity, drugs, power games… are all side issues in THE ISCARIOT FIELD, a runaway best seller when first published in Maltese.

The story moves at a lovely pace…brilliantly merges science-fiction with ghost horror leading up to an insanely cruel third act climax…Sant has the most ironic and witty voice. Toninu,

An addictive page-turner that had me laughing out loud in public. Guze` Stagno

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