Malta’s Members of Parliament

1921 - 2022



1921 – 2022

From 1921 to 2022, 101 years, 495 parliamentarians have worked for their country, as they considered best, in the Senate, the Legislative Assembly and in Parliament. This book has a photo of each of them. From being a colony, to becoming independent, and then a Republic, Malta has had its ups and downs. Most of what has been achieved is owed to these parliamentarians.

This publication deals mainly with figures, how many votes were there, and how many cast, how many of them were invalid, how were they used by the voters, which political party won the government. It is mostly figures, but figures tell stories, some of them fascinating, if people cared to stop and think.

Names in the figures tell stories too. Such as that four Prime Ministers before Robert Abela – Karmenu Mifsud Bonnici, Eddie Fenech Adami, Alfred Sant and Joseph Muscat – saw their introduction to the House of Representatives by way of co-option. Robert Abela broke the mold.


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