The Inguanez Cadillac (Paperback)

Malta's One Hundred Year Old Car 15th July 1904-15th July 2004


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The Inguanez Cadillac is a book about a passion for motorcars and the miraculous survival of a hundred year old motorcar and a thousand year old family who both managed to enter the 21st Century intact. The Cadillac is the first car on Malta to become a centenarian.

Hidden away for over half a century in a Siculo-Norman Palace in Notabile (Mdina) the ancient capital of Malta, surrounded by a web of intrigue until the author managed to prise it away from this noble family of Inguanez, thirty five years ago.

Part of the book is written in the first person, from the viewpoint of this remarkable old automobile that left the Cadillac Factory on the 15th July 1904, bound for the island of Malta. It is the car that does the talking and in this way gives a unique insight into a very private lifestyle, and an unusual picture of Malta is unravelled.

From the beautiful Mary D’Amico, the car’s first owner, to the 23rd Baron and Baroness of Diar-el-Bniet and Bucana who still live in an exceptional Palazzo that has little changed for over a century. A unique story about this car unfolds along with anecdotes about others.

This charming book captures a day in Maltese motoring history. Celebrated by the Mdina Run, a commemorative drive, accompanied by one hundred classics to the garage where she spent the first sixty five years. Later a birthday party held at Portomaso attended by Malta’s elite and many overseas guests.

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