Daughter of an Empire

A family history



Daughter of an Empire is a family history originally written by Marie Denaro, 1880-1959, in the 1950s, edited and re-published fifty years later by her great nephew, David Arrigo.

The script if as faithful to the original as possible. The inclusion of over 300 period illustrations make it a unique record of Anglo-Maltese life during the 19th and 20th centuries.

This publication has been made possible by the efforts of four cousins, all direct descendants of Edward Tancred Agius, a prominent entrepreneur of Malta who established himself in London in 1872. He founded a business empire, and took Malta to all parts of the British Empire and beyond. Today there are over 300 direct descendants of Edward Tancred Agius and Maria Concetta (nee Muscat).

An invaluable source of reference to any library with a Malta connection, and a fine book to grace any drawing room coffee table, with over 300 fascinating period portrait and other photographs.

Marie Denaro describes in detail her childhood in a large house in Hampstead at the turn of the century, the agony of having five brothers at the front during the Great War, and the loss of her own son during WWII. She traveled extensively, lived in Kenya during the last world war. She reproduces moving letters from her beloved son Arthur; stationed in Somaliland, North Africa and finally Europe where he was killed in action. The four cousins, Edward de Bono, Marcus Agius, Arthur Denaro and David Arrigo, have each contributed a piece to bring Marie Denaro’s tale into the 21st century.

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Weight 900 g
Dimensions 17.8 × 24 cm
Editor David Arrigo
Year of publication
ISBN 9789993265603
Pages 226

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