Costume in Malta – A History of Fabric Form & Fashion


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This highly researched publication is an interesting mine of information that encompasses the history of dress, fashion, styles and accessories from all strata of society.

The volume takes the reader from the peasant economy of the 1400s to the mid-20th century, from the splendour of Grandmaster Pinto’s court, to the miseries of the Monte di Pieta.  It follows the Maltese peoples’ march through the centuries, and prods the reader to study and form opinions not easily reached before the availability of this new and accumulated knowledge.  This book also features an article about Madame Manfré, Malta’s fashion couturiere.
Costume in Malta is a landmark publication presenting the work of 21 authors who collectively contribute known history, new research, anecdotes and a plethora of hitherto unpublished illustrations.  It therefore serves as an essential reference book for sociologists and anthropologists who venture to peer into the aspect of Malta and Gozo’s past.


  • Guże Cassar Pullicino – Notes for a History of Maltese Costume (p.9)
  • Joseph C Sammut – Historical Notes on Costume in 15th and Early 16th Century in Malta (p.22)
  • Thomas Freller – Malta Africana or Malta Europea? (p.40)
  • Carmel Cassar – Clothes, Status and Class: Symbols and Reality (p.50)
  • Giovanni Bonello – Law vs Fashion: The Maltese Saga (p.60)
  • Nicholas de Piro – Of Tailors, Sempstresses and Shopkeepers in 18th Century Malta (p.74)
  • Raphael J Camilleri Parlato – The Ceremonial Entry into Mdina of Grandmaster Emmanuel Pinto de Fonseca on the 29th of October 1741 (p.84)
  • Vincent Zammit – A Cursory Look into Cloth and Maltese Society during the times of the Knights (p.90)
  • Fabiana Gorassini & Sara Lachini – Cotton and Silk in Malta (p.98)
  • Albert Ganado – The Earliest Lithographs of Maltese Costumes Produced in Malta by Pietro Paolo Caruana (p.106)
  • Vicki Ann Cremona – Dress at the Theatre from the Majesty of Pinto to the Victorian Fin de Siecle    (p.114)
  • Antonio Espinosa Rodriguez – The Evolution of Uniform in the Royal Navy (p.126)
  • Adrian Strickland – Ties (p.132)
  • Pat Earnshaw – The Revival of the Art of Lacemaking (p.138)
  • Consiglia Azzopardi – Lacemaking at the Centre of Gozitan Daily Life (p.144)
  • Vincent Cassar – A Firm Makes History (p.148)
  • Gerald de Trafford – Cecilia – A Memoir (p.150)
  • Daphne Caruana Galizia & Antoine Xuereb – Jewellery – Patrician Refinement, Bourgeois Glitter and Country Baubles (p.158)
  • Wilma Friggieri  – Madame Manfré: A Dressmaking Legend of the 20th Century

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