Peasant Costumes – Insights into Rural Life and Society

Six watercolour prints from the National Collection


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This is a limited edition of 300 numbered copies published in connection with exhibition held at the Ministry for Gozo from 18 May to 29 July, 2012. Copy Number 181/300

Francesco Zimelli (c.1748/49-1803) was a silversmith of god reputation and a technically accomplished engraver and watercolourist serving officialdom in various commissions. He seems to have been among the first Maltese artists to produce costume representations to feed an increasing proto-tourist market in search of souvenirs. To his celebrated ‘Raccolti di Costumi Maltesi / In 20 Rami- / Incisi da F.Zimelli / Malta’, he produced a set of watercolours which has partly survived within the National Collection and is here being reproduced. These watercolours are finely executed with delicate tones and elegant strong confident lines to capture graceful depictions of country folk. Zimelli’s depictions are a fundamental benchmark to the story of costume representation in Malta since he manages to leave a lasting influence on almost all the subsequent generations of the genre.

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