The Family of Inguanez

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The Governorship of the island was almost hereditary in the family until the coming of the Order of St. John in 1530. The arms of the Inguanez family are engraved on the inside of the Main Gate of Mdina – Malta’s old, silent and completely fortified city. 

Maltese titles consist of three ranks, Baron, Count and Marquis. The oldest existing title of the twenty-eight recognised by the British Crown, goes back to 1350 – this is the title of the Inguanez family.

Marcel Dingli-Attard de Baroni Inguanez B.Phil. (Rome), Ph.D. (U.K. & U.S.A.) has been granted new patents by the Spanish King of Arms to confirm upon him this doyenne of the Maltese nobility on the 1st October, 1975. This covers the Dingli-Attard Branch of the family. 

He is fully recognised by Court Order of the Lord Lyon King of Arms, Edinburgh and his family lineage can be checked at H.M. Queen Elizabeth II’s College of Arms, London. 

He is by Royal Matriculation and Warrant a nobiliary descensional hereditary titular of the governorship of the islands of Malta and Gozo. 

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