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The bulk of the stories in this collection are set in Malta, where the author was born and where he lives. Others are set beyond where he has studied or lived. What they will share is a wry glance at human nature with all its quirks and foibles.

The stories are packed with a multitude of characters that both convince and fascinate. We share in their often dramatic and at times hilarious predicaments with ironic amusement but never without warmth or sympathy. Each story is a compelling adventure, an affirmation of life that however, never flinches from exploring the violence and pain that sometimes accompany it.

Several of the short stories included in this book have won contests both locally and abroad. ‘Guilt’ won ‘The European Short Story competition’ in 1995 and was published in the same newspaper while ‘Revenge’ was among the winners in the Commonwealth Foundation Short Story competition in 1996. A selection of stories from this volume have been translated into Slovene and form part of the 27 euroman books, one for each Member State, published on the occasion of Slovenia assuming the Presidency of the European Union in January 2008.

Vincent Vella is also the author of the novel ‘Inside the Horse’ as well as of several award-winning plays in English and Maltese. In 1999, 2005 and 2007 he was the regional winner for Europe in the BBC World Service Radio Playwriting Competition and his play entitled ‘Ernesto Panza’ has been broadcast on the BBC World Service.

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