Koranta and other short stories from Malta



Koranta and other Short Stries from Malta is a microcosm of social behaviour on a tiny Mediterranean state culled from the writer’s youthful experiences before and after the island achieved its independence from Great Britain. The stories miror the inhibitions, fears, prejudices, delusions, culture and traditions of an island people, a manner of living now swept away by a collective quest for economic wealth and progress. This is a captivating voyage throught a memorable collection of colourful characters, all village folk, whose of people living in the more demanding metropolis. The real difference is that Frigieri’s protagonists are all strongly conditioned by the insularity of an island-state. This collection of stories is a well-crafted insight into the world of a quaint and resolute people whose life styles remain a mystery to many. Koranta and others Short Stories from Malta is one of the more important works in contemporary Maltese literature. Oliver Friggieri is a talented writer, a gifted poet whose publications at home and broad are well documented. He writes in a stule that is both fascinating and easy to follow. His outstanding illustrations of Malta and its people rank among the best selling.

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