Lazarus, Prose & Poetry



In Lazarus, Prose & Poetry, Richard England through his eloquent prose, poetry and graphic illustrations ventures to describe what the lapidate wanderer might have experienced during his time in the afterlife where infinity lurks and eternity dawns. Lazarus is a fascinating book beautifully written and illustrated,  attempting to unravel the post-mortem immeasurability and unfathomability of the shadow land. England attempts to reveal the arcane mysteries of the untold and unknown of what lies in the inexplicable beyond and unchartered yonder.

The book provides an intriguing investigation into the incomprehensible subject of what happens in afterlife; a theme forever begging human cognizance. England investigates why Lazarus remains silent, placid and mute; and why he reveals nothing and naught of his transit four days of real time in no time. This is a book on a spellbinding subject recounted in an intriguing necklace of recondite language and imagery.

The book also features a foreword by architect Daniel Libeskind and a Lazarus sculpture by artist Jacquie Binns.

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Weight 740 g
Dimensions 24.3 × 24 cm
Year of publication
ISBN 9789995750930
Pages 104

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