Living Stones

Liturgy as Epiphany of Communion


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Celebration. Beauty. Community.

The above and more leap out from the pages of this book which documents the transformation of stones into sacred space, and journeys into pilgrimages of faith. This book resonates with the lived experience of creating living stones: the small church at the MSSP Oratory in Birkirkara is the starting point, a manifestation of another journey made by people, seeking faith, and journeying together.

With influences from Eastern Orthodoxy, arcane and novel monastic experiences like at Bose and Taize, and a focus on well-celebrated liturgies, this book is not just about redecorating a church, but has become a journal of a community’s growth and a window on eternity. In the same way a building was transformed, so the people who frequent the Oratory are invited to enter the baptismal journey of transformation.

This book extends this invitation to you: enter the mystery, celebrate the majesty, and believe.

God is love – so what is God’s house if not the House of Love? People entering the church should feel themselves welcomed into a warm and loving embrace…
What is reflected in this building is the beauty of the Crucified One. Beauty is living this life, and the Liturgy is the participation in this life-giving mystery.

Today’s sacred space must function as a welcoming focus for prayer and worship… Human reaction to space depends on how the geography of the space influences the geography of the mind… It demonstrates that sacred space is not only a physical entity, but more so an energy-filled millieu, where one’s perception of tie and space is altered. The converted edifice may be considered a paradigm project carried out in a process of the layering of new leaves on an old tree; a locus where the finite meets the infinite and the congregation can measure itself against the immeasurable.

– Richard England


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