Ta’ Ġieżu Crucifix

Faith - History - Iconography - Conservation



Frate Innocenzo’s Ta’ Ġieżu crucifix is a mid-17th-century image that instills so much awe and wonderment upon all those who set eyes upon it. All the constituent elements of its materiality: sculpted wood; parchment; gesso and polychromy. masterfully kneaded together by the artist’s deep-seated faith, manage to reach that elusive liminal stage between the sensual and the spiritual.

This book aims to capture some of this crucifix’s sense of mystery. This is a multi-disciplinary study that documents and brings to a conclusion an intensive restoration/conservation projects that was carried out on this crucifix during a 10-month period between 2018 and 2019. The combined significance of the following papers is meant to provide not only a record of the in-depth historical research and an exposition of the diagnostic/conservation processes carried out, but must serve as a comprehensive basis for future conservators and historians who, in their different capacities, will work upon the crucifix.

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Weight 1650 g
Dimensions 32 × 24.5 cm
Edited by Christian Attard
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ISBN 9789995716691
Pages 200

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