Orpheus – His Song and His Music


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ORPHEUS HIS SONG AND HIS MUSIC, Richard England’s sixth book of poetry on the theme of Orpheus and his venture to the underworld. The book is beautifully illustrated by Christina Darmanin and also by a number of guest artists. The publication also features a text by tenor Joseph Calleja on Orpheus’ voice.
Daniel Libeskind poet and architect of the Ground Zero Masterplan, in his foreword to the collection, writes “I am struck and deeply affected by Richard England’s bold and strange Orpheus poems …and suddenly made aware by the beauty of his writing, his precise geometry of words, musical rhythm and mystical insight”.
What is remarkable in England’s ever-insistent, ever-probing, ever-intensifying quest for the Invisible is that he succeeds in making his reader his companion on a journey both mysterious and terrifying (as only such journeys can be).
Richard England’s poetic oeuvre is also deeply moving in that his precise geometry of words, musical rhythm and mystical insight, act as “Occam’s Razor” by cutting through known space and realigning its outward appearance with the unadorned beauty of anamnetic experience and experiment.

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