Chambers of Memory

Roaming the Mansions of Mnemosyne


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Chambers of Memory us a book about Richard England’s life, career experiences and his rich humanistic outlook. It is not an autobiography in the traditional sense of the word. It is not composed and presented as a chronological linear narrative of his life and experiences. Rather, it is disparate and fragmented in content and wide-ranging in scope. It focuses on various themes, on his favourite buildings, architects, works of art, literary texts, poetry and musical compositions. It also includes various anecdotes about his interactions with former teachers and educators, prime ministers and politicians, popes and clergymen, fellow architects and students. Interspersed in between the reams of text are some of his own favourite pieces of poetry and a selection of some of his exquisitely executed freehand sketches.

Richard England’s interests go well beyond the realm of architecture. He is an accomplished artist, poet, sculptor, photographer, and author. His erudite knowledge of various literary texts is complemented with his life-long passion for Opera. Richard is quintessentially a humanist, a modern-day uomo universale in the Renaissance tradition, embracing a wide spectrum of interests and artistic pursuits. However, it should be stressed that to him these endeavours do not have rigid boundaries, they are intrinsically fluid and permeable, all enriching in their own way.

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