Closest to the Heart

A Mystagogy of Spiritual Friendship in Pavel A. Florenskij's The Pillar and Ground of the Truth



“In appropriating Florenskij’s own dialogical methodology to himself, fashioning his work along its lines, we can rightly claim that the present welcome study is, indeed, a defining one in present-day Florenskij’s scholarship, dialogical as it is in investigative style and outreach.”
– Robert F. Slesinski, Independent Researcher

“Accumulatively, [this work] points the way towards a fresh interpretation, much needed now in view of re-awakened but often partisan or not particularly well-informed interest in a possible revival of the rite of brother-making.”
– Avril Pyman, Durham University

“A complex, creative, and courageous academic work, and a genuine scientific contribution to spiritual theology.”
– Donna Orsuto, Pontifical Gregorian University

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