Michael Galea

altBorn in Valletta 14.12.1932, Galea studied at the Lyceum and the UM where he obtained a diploma in public administration (1960). He also has a German Language Proficiency Certificate from the Friedrich Alexander Universitat, Nuremberg (1968). Galea joined the civil service and carried out duties of an administrative officer, retiring in  1993 as assistant head of department. He also taught German at the German Maltese Circle and was invested with the silver medal Pro Merito Melitense of the Order of St John (1995).

Recent Publications:

2004:  The Jesuit Church in Valletta, Malta: Ġrajjiet Storiċi.

2006: ‘Vignettes of the 19th-century Malta – excerpts from a diary’, in three parts ST (17, 24, 31.xii, 2006); Austrian Knights of Malta, Relations Malta-Austria 1530-1798.

2007: Palazzo Falson. Historic House Museum (with F. Balzan): ‘Żewġ anniversarji – żewġ saċerdoti’, LIS (22.ix); ‘Queen Adelaide in Malta’, Treasures of Malta, xiii/2.

2008: ‘Familja b’rabta mal-knisja parrokkjali ta’ Ħal Balzan’, (12, 19, 26, i; 2, 9, ii); ‘The archduke’s visit to Malta’, ST (10.viii); ‘Kitba ta’ Gio Antonio Vassallo: Il-ħajja tal-Appostlu Missierna San Pawl’ (a series in LIS, June-September 2008); ‘Maltese iconography of St. Paul’s Shipwreck’, ST (10,ii,2008).