Lawrence Muscat

altLawrence Muscat was born in London but has lived in Malta from a very young age.  He is married to Eleanor and has two children. He is a professional accountant and works as a Chief Financial Officer with one of Malta’s largest group of companies. His dedication towards his family is his main ambition in life, however he has a number of hobbies as well, the oldest one of which had always been his passion for writing. Since the age of 14 he used to write short stories which he never tried to publish. A few years ago, he was encouraged to publish one of his stories, which led to the publication of the well known book in Maltese – Beraq Fil-Bnazzi.
Lawrence was surprised by the success of his first book, as well as with the positive feedback and encouragement he received. Apart from a number of TV interviews, just two weeks after this book was out for sale, he was approached by one of Malta’s most popular radio stations to have his story read on air. In November of 2012 he released his second written works – Meta L-Anġli Jibku. Comments received from the readers were even more encouraging than before.
The author’s books could be classified as thrillers with the intention to keep the reader at all times on tentacles with the story – trying to figure out what is going to happen until the very end. This is done by the careful insertion within the narration of a number of interesting but not completely explained scenarios in order to raise the reader’s curiosity. From the follow-up received from various types of readers, the author can safely say that he managed to reach his aim in this regard. Lawrence spends a great deal of time plotting the story prior to start writing it in its final format. He ensures that each part of the story as it unfolds is placed exactly where it can have its greatest effect to the narration – in other words forms the exact link within the story’s long chain. Apart from his very good expressive and easy to read Maltese, the author gives special attention to each scene in such a way that it is described in great detail so as to make the reader feel that they are part of the story. This is always done with careful attention so as not to overdo it in such a way as to become tedious. Throughout the story’s voyage, great emphasis is also given to the human characters of the main protagonists, with all their positive and negative elements. The author gives great importance to the human nature and spirit to give more spice to his writing, in the same way that well-placed colours, shades and highlights give life to a painting. Apart from all this, a certain sense of humour every now and then to add that little extra flavor is never missing from the narration.
Lawrence’s first published two books were based in Maltese environments. His intention is to continue writing for the Maltese readers who love this type of stories, but does not discount the possibility to write in English for the international market.
For him the worst element in the human character is hypocrisy and the greatest trait is friendship. However, from his experience, true friendship can only be measured when the actual need for it arises and it is easily found when sought. Lawrence believes a lot in liberty and the expression of one’s own beliefs. That is why he is against complete censorship of any type of expression of interest – as long as such freedom is carried out within unrestricted controls so as not to harm others.
In his leisure time,  Lawrence loves jogging, reading, buying from the internet, going out for walks with his family and dog, sculpting and painting of military models.
His message to his readers away from his stories is that every person was born to die, therefore why not enjoy life to the full without harming that of others? Try to achieve your dreams, no matter how impossible they may seem – now! Never shelve an ambition for tomorrow, since today is certainly available… then, if tomorrow comes, continue on where you left yesterday.