The Tail that Wagged the Dog

The life and struggles of Dom Mintoff 1916-2012



Dr Mark Montebello, the author of Dom Mintoff’s biography The Tail that Wagged the Dog: The Life and Struggles of Dom Mintoff (1916–2012) says “With this first scientific biography of Dom Mintoff we get to know ‘Il-Perit’ as never before. Though many are acquainted with bits and pieces of him, none know him completely. This biography invites one and all to revise whatever is known about him until now,” Mintoff died in 2012. He led the Labour Party from 1949, in a party split that won him the working class of the Labour movement, until the political crisis in 1984 saw him bow out of government.

“The biography goes into the motives of Mintoff’s commissions and omissions,” Montebello said, “since his earliest years at Bormla till his last public appearances almost a century later.” He said the biography will reveal many aspects of Mintoff’s personality that have hitherto remained hidden. The work was completed from thousands of primary-source documents archived locally and abroad, and scores of interviews.

Montebello pointed out that the book’s name, The Tail that Wagged the Dog, means that “Mintoff was but a tail which, however, shook the dog, or influenced the Maltese State, so radically.”

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