Mintoff, Malta Mediterra: My Youth

The autobiography



On the backdrop of a Malta now lost in time, Dom Mintoff spins the all-revealing story of his youth. Along the rough, grimy lanes of il-Bastjun, through cloistered Catholic sanctuaries of learning, to the dizzying heights of power, this is the unknown, untold story of the development of one of Malta’s foremost statesmen, in his own words.

In this autobiography, Dom balances an incisive critique of the traditional social fabric with praise for the dramatis personae that molded his character and opened his mind. Those who knew or have studied him may predict the literary prowess, the clarity of ideological conviction, and the clarion call to social action herein. However, perhaps nobody has known Dom so completely, so candidly, so full of doubt and inner turmoil, as he offers himself in Mintoff, Malta, Mediterra: My Youth.

Editor: Daniel Mainwaring

Translated by Joseph P. Borg

This book is available in both Maltese and English.

Published by the Association for Justice, Equality and Peace with the support of the National Archives of Malta.

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