The Strings of Fate


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In this book, he faces Life in a quest that relies mostly on the inner self and spirituality in their most noble forms, particularly meditation. Caruana has once again regaled philosophy with new concepts that, in my opinion, have become less intrinsic to the mind and much attainable in the dramatic link between God and Man, and a more understandable idea of what creation and creatures are all about – what is actually Fate, that is intrinsically linked to each and every one of us, from the farthest star in the galaxy to the tiniest speck of dust that is blown away with the wind.
– Alfred Palma
International and National Author and Poet

Philosophy seeks its way back to basics and reclaims its stature as a way of life rather than merely as an intellectual (thinking) if articulate exercise. A way which leads Life into Man… and (in the very last page) I could no longer look around me, for I was my own surroundings. I felt free.
– Michael Zammit
Department of Philosophy, University of Malta

The core of this book revolves around the author’s own confrontation with and the release of ego. The author delves into achieving a deep awareness of his individual self, and the construction between that and everything else in life.
– Anita Leanna Portelli
B.Psy(Hons.)(Melit.), Dip. Gest. Psy. (GPTIM)

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